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October 31, 2009

Book: “Things Snowball” by Rich Hall

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Just finished this paperback of short rants and tall tales warped with Rich Hall’s wry humour. Best voiced in your head with his elastic American drawl stretching the words and snapping them back. Picking it up a few times a day and reading through it like any other book isn’t a good approach though: you have to be in the right mood to laugh at his jarring nonsense. But when you are, his best work like stories of his grandfolks small nuclear plant, are head shakingly comical.

The cutting rants are always funny and sharply observed “Las Vegas is what America deserves … two thousand years of civilization and the planet’s most visible creation is a lit-up string of clip joints in the Mojave Desert”. After recently having to spent a few mostly vile days there I was left wondering if Vegas is the ultimate destiny of cities all over the world; the product of limitless money pandering to what the majority of ordinary people really desire. But I couldn’t quite capture a description of the objectless mass wanderings up and down the Vegas strip until I read Rich Hall’s description of visitors standing on the ‘people movers’ – those horizontal metal escalators walkways as being “…perfectly content as they creep along like God’s unclaimed luggage”. Genius.


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