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January 31, 2008

Playing with Arc

Filed under: lisp — rcjp @ 12:12 pm

Paul Graham has made available a tarball prerelease of his new arc language. I’m currently running Ubuntu gutsy on my laptop so it needs a quick patch

~/lisp> tar -xvf ~/tmp/arc0.tar 
~/lisp> cd arc0
~/lisp/arc0> wget http://blakeley.com/linux-date.patch
~/lisp/arc0> patch arc.arc linux-date.patch
~/lisp/arc0> rlwrap -C arc mzscheme -m -f as.scm
Use (quit) to quit, (tl) to return here after an interrupt.

then you can go through the tutorial, or play with the webserver, which we’ll start in a new thread

arc> (defop hello req (pr "hello world"))
arc> (= webtest (thread asv))
#<thread: asv>
arc> ready to serve port 8080

and then look at http://localhost:8080/hello

The prompt doesn’t quite come back correctly here, but you can carry on typing

(defop hello req (pr "hello world changed"))

and refresh the browser. Kill the thread and quit with

arc> (break-thread webtest) 
arc> (quit)

Though initially disappointed that there was no native compiler (written in arc of course!), I’ve warmed to the syntax – I didn’t find myself in a fighting the language, or frustrated that I had to reinvent stuff I didn’t want to e.g., here’s how to split up a string using spaces or commas

arc> (tokens "abc def,ghi" [in _ #\ #\,])
("abc" "def" "ghi")

There’s plenty to play with by reading through the source. So far, it feels fun.


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