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September 10, 2007


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I’ve been trying to decide between blogging from blogger.com or wordpress.com; here are a few of the features that swung the decision:

  • bigger blogging window: I don’t like typing through a letterbox and thankfully wordpress has Options->Writing->’Size of the post box’; couldn’t see anything similar in blogger though
  • private entries: amazingly blogger only lets you mark the whole blog as private, not individual entries like wordpress does
  • wordpress’s built in latex: its great to be able to type
    $latex \partial_{x}\alpha&s=2$

    and get \partial_{x}\alpha (the s=2 increases the size) see the faq entry

There were problems with wordpress though: I had to disable the wysiwyg editing of entries Users->Your Profile->’Use the visual rich editor when writing’ (at the top of the page) because switching between it and the code view kept messing things up; I prefer the code view anyway tbh.

The editor is a bit sluggish sometimes, pausing for something, but at least there are a few handy shorcuts – mark some text then press the keys:

Characters Code Lists
Bold: Alt+Shift+B Blockquote: Alt+Shift+Q Unordered List (ul): Alt+Shift+U
Italics: Alt+Shift+I Code: Alt+Shift+C Ordered List (ol): Alt+Shift +O
Link: Alt+Shift+A Read More: Alt+Shift+T List Item (li): Alt+Shift+L
Keyboard Shortcuts

Hopefully I’ll get around to coding something that’ll allow you to write in reStructuredText from within emacs and upload using the meta weblog api converting to html. All that is pretty easy I think, I’ve done parts of that process for my old blog; the hard part would be doing the reverse to allow you to edit existing posts parsed back to rst.


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