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April 27, 2007

Finding open oflag Settings

Filed under: c, python — rcjp @ 11:03 am

In tracings you see the numerical value for flags like the oflag settings to the C open commands e.g.

    5901 open("/proc/asound/cards", 32768, 0666) = 7

to find out what they mean I just quickly did:

    In [36]: def oflag_to_string(oflag):
       ....:     for c in dir(os):
       ....:         if c.startswith('O_'):
       ....:             if eval('os.'+c) & oflag:
       ....:                 print c

    In [37]: oflag_to_string(32768)

but afterwards realised I could have just done an strace since that nicely converts the values for you.


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