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January 23, 2007


Filed under: lisp — rcjp @ 9:36 am

You can make an adder function that changes its closure variable via an optional argument

    (defun make-variable-adder (n)
      (lambda (x &optional change)
        (if change
            (setq n x)
            (+ x n))))

    (setq add2 (make-variable-adder 2))
    (mapcar add2 '(1 2 3)) => (3 4 5)

But then whilst trying to change the closure variable I forgot that (add23 t) won’t work, you need (funcall add2 3 t) since (symbol-function 'add2) hasn’t been defined, only the symbol-value has. The only reason mapcar works is that as the hyperspec says… “If function is a symbol, it is coerced to a function as if by symbol-function.”


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