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September 10, 2002

Tawny Owls

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Next door there is a small wooded area and my landlord had put up some owl boxes. There have been some tawny owls flying around for a few years and occassionally roosting in neaby large conifers, or in the tree outside my window.

You could usually tell there was an owl around because of several very noisy blackbirds incessantly chirping alarm calls so that it couldn’t sleep (and I couldn’t read).

Owl7 Finally a pair switched to using the boxes and had two chicks, of which I think, only one survived. Fledging in mid-summer meant the owlet could hide in the canopy high in one of the white poplars making taking a photo very tricky.

It was great to see the owls on a regular basis, but to be honest, it was quite a relief when they choose not to nest in the boxes again this year as in the few weeks (though it seemed like months) between the young owl being able to fly, but not yet able to catch its own food: it would spend all night calling for its next meal from the trees around the garden.


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